Compass Center for Healing

Compass Center for Healing

Commercial Business


 651 472 5800

 116 E Chestnut St, Stillwater, MN 55082

You are at the center of the compass. At a given moment you can go in any direction, but once you have moved and a step is taken, the world is forever changed. You can return to where you began, but it will not be the same.

At Compass our mission is to offer opportunities to reconnect with yourself as you create the life you envision. We understand it takes your positive intention for healing and growth AND the support of others as you engage in your quest.

We provide opportunities for:
· Healing with Natural Medicine
· Listening to the wisdom of your heart and body
· Feeling good in mind, body, and spirit
· Enjoyment in the arts
· Learning and growing in the company of others
· Disease prevention

The Compass Center for Healing is located in Stillwater, Minnesota within view of the beautiful wild and scenic St. Croix River. We offer a wide variety of alternative, traditional and holistic services provided by independent healing practitioners.

The Compass Center also offers classes and programs on a daily basis to provide individual access to healing, learning, transformation, and celebration.