Barnes Area Historical Association

Barnes Area Historical Association

Educational - Historical - Museum / Gallery - Nonprofit



 4545 County Hwy N, Solon Springs, WI 54873

The Barnes Area Historical Association (BAHA) manages a local museum which is located at the corner of Lake Road and Hwy N in Barnes, WI.

The BAHA Museum includes 6 rooms, each emphasizing  a different aspect of the area and its people.

Visitors entering the WELCOME HALLWAY are greeted by a Life-sized Elk Photo, as well as mounts of local fish varieties, the history of the famous Malo Musky, old outboard motors, and other fishing artifacts and information.

THE HERITAGE ROOM displays:  The skeletal remains of the historic 500-year-old Silver Beach Elk; Ojibwe Beadwork items; Flip Boards with extensive historic Town information; e.g., Barnes Town government, Census Records, Early Homesteads, Land Patents, School Info, and Maps displaying information of the area; a Kiosk displays more Elk and Historic Heritage photos & memorabilia;  the original Fresh-Air Postal Mailbox System; authentic Roll Top Desk, Library area with reference books.

THE PIONEER ROOM displays:  Logging and tool displays, Birch bark canoe made by local craftsman using natural materials and traditional Ojibwe techniques, history of resorts in the Eau Claire Lakes area, old tools used by pioneers, extensive collection of historic photos displayed on Kiosks.

THE MacQUARRIE ROOM displays:  Unique collection of artifacts related to noted author/journalist, Gordon MacQuarrie; e.g.,boat and duck decoys, original typewriter, Honorary Medal given to Gordon MacQuarrie’s father, Biography and Books written by  MacQuarrie and others; memorabilia belonging to the MacQuarrie family and additional items from the Keith Crowley collection.

THE CHILDREN’S ROOM displays: Historic Circus Mirror, School Desks and Books, a variety of old toys, old sleds and other artifacts.

The BAHA GIFT SHOP includes:  Museum-related items; e.g., T-shirts, glassware, notecards, etc.; Items made by local artists; Books by regional authors, most related to museum exhibits.