Jul 25 2015
The Warming - Lorin Robinson

The Warming - Lorin Robinson

Presented by Valley Bookseller at Valley Bookseller

Meet Lorin Robinson, author of The Warming: Speculative Fiction about the Human Impact of the Climate Crisis at Valley Bookseller on Saturday July 25th.

It’s 2047. Hundreds of millions around the world are suffering from the warming-drought, rising ocean levels and increasingly calamitous weather. Dr. Jonathan Carver is a brilliant marine scientist-both an observer and participant in the growing crisis. Despite major roadblocks, he works to develop a project that, while it cannot stop the warming, would address the growing hunger and famine. He also struggles to bring his dysfunctional personal and professional lives under control. Readers are taken around the world to experience the human impact of the warming close up. “The Warming” is a thought-provoking and artful amalgam of fact and fiction that puts a human face on the growing crisis. Whatever the cause or causes, the Earth is heating up, oceans are rising and the changing climate is bringing more severe weather. We’re in for a rough ride.

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2015/07/25 - 2015/07/25

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