KIDS ART CAMP - Ages 6-14 - One Week Session

KIDS ART CAMP - Ages 6-14 - One Week Session

Presented by PAINT·SIP·NOSH at Unknown

This is a one week art camp for kids ages 6-14.  Drop in rate per day is $35.  

Healthy snack and water included each day.

Each class will cover a lesson of a different art movement or style, classic art class on perspective, color mixing, shading for example and an art project related to that artist’s style of art.  

Monday – Expressionism Art Movement, making art utensils, color theory and reproduce “Starry Night” painting

Tuesday – Landscape from Realism to Abstract, perspective.  Art Project is realism landscape painting

Wednesday – Impressionism Art Movement, Monochromatic scale, and shading.  Art Project is Plein Aire (painting of scenery outside.)

Thursday – Portraits of different time periods and styles.  Art Project is a self-portrait

Friday – Abstract Art Movement.  Different artists and what their art represents.  Art project is an abstract painting created in Jackson Pollack fashion (full art smocks needed this day)

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