Aug 07 2015
Sep 13 2015
Galleries Exhibition

Galleries Exhibition

Presented by The Phipps Center for the Arts at The Phipps Center for the Arts

Reception: Friday, August 7, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.

Dana Sikkila (Minneapolis) – Gallery One

“My work displays, through visual repetition, the obsessive relationships between a woman and her best friends. Companionship and personal struggle motivate the work, depicting the absence of self-control within the female mind. Animals and objects begin to take on human characteristics and interact by overtaking unconventional domestic situations.”

George G.I. Moore (Afton) – Gallery Two

“Over the last fifty years, I have pursued primarily figurative sculpture through direct carving of wood and stone. I enjoy the feel and use of traditional hand tools and the process of sculpting and finishing. My objective is to adapt an idea to the existing block of material in a way that is amusing, surprising, convincing, or at least original.”

Linda Ricklefs Baudry (St. Paul) – Gallery Two

“I make my mark, using color as emotion, creating a space that invited contemplation. Exploring the richness of color and playing with the vibrancy of life, I search beyond what the eye sees to find the inner celebration.”

Judy Anderson (Star Prarie, MN) – Gallery Three

“A lightning strike that blew out, fried, and otherwise destroyed many of the appliances and electronics in our home was the event that led me to assemblage. I found the destroyed items fascinating and began to dismantle them. Soon I was hooked on using interesting parts of one thing with altered parts of something else, “up cycling.”

Brett Kallusky (Minneapolis) – River View Gallery

“In the body of work, moments that span great distances of time and space are visually connected, the specific sequences creating an implied narrative. One image is connected to the next by a thread, or line, like a visual game or telephone. These sequences suggest a journey through an unfamiliar landscape, while encouraging the intimacy of meditation on carefully selected details.”

Mary Kathleen Scott (St. Paul) – Overlook Gallery

“For six years now I have dedicated myself to creating The Great Herd ad its Reindeer Goddesses, Mothers, Divas, Daughters, and Elders. I sculpt and sew, bind and braid with cloth, polymer clay, yarn, and fabric. Into each Reindeer, I incorporate birch, ash, and crabapple branches harvested from my own unruly yard, using them as antlers, legs, and body-base.”

Beth Dorsey (Minneapolis) – Atrium Gallery

“Structure, routine, and patterns form the underpinnings of modern life, they are always present but rarely noticed. The images [I create] start with these ‘unseen’ but ubiquitous patterns. Making visible the unseen highlights their importance and utility just as the patterns and routines of our daily life provide freedom and productivity.”

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2015/08/07 - 2015/09/13

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The Phipps is closed September 5 – 7 for Labor Day

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The Phipps Center for the Arts

109 Locust Street, Hudson, WI 54016