Edie Abnet

“My painting is a joyful response to the environment around me, to the things right outside my window. The dramatic effect of my work is intentional in order to keep the eye actively involved and the vivid color and line creates drama with the subjects of my paintings. These subjects, the birds for example, are a vicarious expression of me, the artist.”

Edie Abnet grew up in Minnesota and attended art classes at the University of Minnesota and later, the Philbrooke Art Center in Tulsa, OK. She started painting with translucent watercolor and found the “rules” of watercolor painting too restrictive. Largely self-taught, she developed her distinctive style after years of painting and experimenting with mixed media. Design is the foundation of Abnet’s artwork. It is the first and critical step to her creative process. The artist has a vague idea of a tableau or “story” from which to begin. This tableau is greatly influenced as she creates the design. She initially sets down the color and watches as the painting evolves through layers of wet translucent watercolor. Abnet then enhances the composition by outlining in brilliant pastel or watercolor based crayon. These dramatic effects create a tension that draws the viewer into her work. Her distinctive paintings can be found in corporate and private collections throughout the Midwest.