Jeanette Richards

Jeanette Richards

   Hudson, WI, 54016

Painting is a visual language. It is communication that connects people on an intimate level. This is my goal as I begin each work.

I consider myself a watermedia artist. Using watercolor, acrylic, gouache, acrylic, collage and pencil, I allow spontaneous compositions to develop by combining technique and the natural qualities of the chosen medium.

I draw my inspiration from nature; the organic details and texture of life.

Sometimes I begin my paintings with abandon: other times I begin with a specific idea or goal, setting a new challenge for myself. I use colors and textures to build a subsurface. Then I carefully assess what is before me and begin to calm, subtract, or neutralize. As the painting progresses it takes on a life of its own as I continue to manipulate it. My process involves balancing light and dark, cool and warm, large shapes and small shapes.

My intention is for the view to discover something new in themselves, feel an emotion or walk a new path.