Jeff Ambroz

Jeff Ambroz

My art explores the process of arranging – and rearranging – our lives.

As I wrestle with this theme, I’m working to create art that reflects the lives we create, as we continually add, subtract and compose the many parts of our being.  Doing so can be slow, and even painful, as self-doubt tries to creep in and take us off track.  Ultimately, through this process we create compositions for our lives that are wondrous, beautiful and inspiring to those around us.

My art incorporates elements of gestural, abstract and expressionist styles. Currently, I’m primarily working in mixed media, creating nonrepresentational compositions recognized for their visible paint strokes and fractured, multi-layered appearance. 

The resulting art reflects the layers of our lived experiences; the bonds we form, break and repair; and the passage of time.

I live in Cottage Grove, MN.  I studied art at Morningside College in Sioux City, IA and graduated from Metropolitan State University in Saint Paul, MN.