People's Congregational Church, Bayport

People's Congregational Church, Bayport



An inclusive community, celebrating God’s unconditional love through engaging worship and faithful service. 

Do you long for…

…a church that explores a progressive understanding of the Christian faith?

…a group of people who aim to know and extend care to one another?

… a community where LGBTQ+ persons are welcomed and affirmed?

…intersections of faith with environmental, economic and racial justice?

…a deepening spiritual journey, open to questions and affirmations of

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Our Response to COVID-19:

* People’s Church continues to follow MDH/CDC guidelines and protocols regarding the fluid COVID-19 virus.

* Masks are now encouraged (and always welcome) but not required of those who are vaccinated and healthy.

* Continue to be aware of your surroundings, erring toward maintaining  some social distance.

* We strive to make People’s Church a safe, open, and welcoming place to worship (including for those who are still vulnerable, immunocompromised, or unable to be vaccinated). Keep a mask with you when you come to worship. If you find yourself seated near someone who may be vulnerable, please ask if they would like you to mask or to give them ample space to worship comfortably.

* Bulletins and offering baskets will be placed in the Narthex and in front of the pulpit (for individuals to pick up a bulletin and drop off an offering).

* NOTE: If a significant negative change develops in the COVID-19 virus, we will notify the congregation and revisit COVID-19 safety protocols in accordance with MDH and CDC.


  • Intergenerational gathering at People's Park


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