Edie Abnet

“My painting is a joyful response to the environment around me, to the things right outside my window. The dramatic effect of my work is intentional in order to keep the eye actively involved and the vivid color and line creates drama with the subjects of my paintings. These subjects, the birds for example, are a vicarious expression of me, the artist.”

Edie Abnet grew up in Minnesota and attended art classes at the University of Minnesota and later, the Philbrooke Art Center in Tulsa, OK.

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  1. Looking for Edie Abnet to determine if she would be interested in doing a demonstration for the Northstar Watermedia Society (NWS) . My name is Art Weeks, Program Chair for NWS. Benefits include compensation in the amount of $200.00 and membership in NWS.

    Please email me at the above email address or call me at (612) 859-0180 to discuss further. I have openings in January, May, September through

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